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sleater-kinney fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
sleater-kinney fans

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Icons [03 Jan 2008|12:54pm]

Hey all, I made a few Janet icons because I love her. Some day I might be half the badass she is on the drums. Anyway, go here inthewarehouse.
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S-K ICONS. [30 May 2007|01:35pm]



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[31 Mar 2007|09:10pm]

Hey there. Anybody have any high-res S-K wallpapers? I'm looking for some that aren't too photoshopped up - just a really great, simple pic of all three ladies, either a live or promo shot. Sub Pop has a couple, but I want more! Thank youuu ♥
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Flat Kinney [18 Jan 2007|04:51pm]

[ mood | excited ]

So, because everyone loved the idea of Flat Carrie, we decided that we couldn't possibly leave the other Kinneys out, even though they have [more] curves and [more] lady lumps.

threebeats is sending out Flat Janet from Hawaii.
maddethehermit will be sending out Flat Corin from Calgary, Alberta.

You can email us with your addresses if you're interested. We're planning on doing a whole circuit, so if you want to host all three Kinneys at some point or another, it is very likely that it could happen! Just not all at the same time, obviously.

My email is, sunflower.faerie@gmail.com, not sunflowedotfaerie@gmail.com. I'm really sorry if that caused any confusion. If and when you're emailing, it would be really appreciated if you specified who you would like first, so we can take it into consideration. Flat Corin and Flat Janet have yet to be sent out [which makes it easier for us to determine where she goes next], but Flat Carrie is well on her way to the United Kingdom. As well [for curiosity's sake], I'd really like it if you said what your LJ username is when you send your address. I am not going to be sending this information to the whole world, but for my own peace of mind, it keeps my head clearer. Thanks! :D

And, again, I am going to be posting this in the relevant Kinney communities, as well as s-k.net, so sorry in advance.

PS-If someone could please tell me how to work Mapquest so that I can email it to myself and update along the way, please let me know. Because I just spent 30 minutes trying to do so. Thanks!

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Flat Carrie [11 Jan 2007|08:55pm]


Me and threebeats thought it would be kind of cool to do this. I will be creating a paper version of Carrie. Hence, Flat Carrie. She will be set up with a scrapbook. If you get her, you will get her for approximentally two weeks, during which time, you can take pictures of her in weird places around your hometown. For example, I will probably be taking her to the Ogopogo. In the scrapbook, you can enclose said photos. The other thing we thought of is if people wrote a little thing about how S-K[or anything else Carrie has been involved with] has affected their lives. because, after a while, we will send said scrapbook to Subpop, who will [hopefully] forward it to Carrie Brownstein herself. After the two weeks is up, you mail it to the next person on the list, until we've gone through everyone. Everyone who wants to,anyway.

If you are interested, email me with your address. [I know that I personally don't like putting my own address on the internet, so I wasn't about to ask anyone else to do it either.] I just think that this would be a pretty cool little thing to do. :)

My email is....sunflowerdotfaerieatgmail.com. You can AIM me if you want, but I'm organizing everything through my gmail, and would really,really appreciate it if you contacted me there.

Oh, and I am going to post a similar message in the other kinney communities, so sorry for the repetition.

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New. [09 Jan 2007|07:54am]


Sleater-Kinney is my favorite band, and it just recently occured to me to search for an LJ group for them. Glad I found one.

Anyways, I was curious if anyone knew whether or not there were plans to do some kind of box set or retrospective collection? I don't want anything fancy, I'm mainly hoping for some previously unreleased or rare material in CD form.
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[05 Dec 2006|05:18pm]


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mother [13 Nov 2006|01:01am]

so I'm a new mac user and I've been trying to download some of the mp3s (specifically the danzig cover, "Mother") from electrip.com and nothing is happening...this whole torrent thing has me all spun out as well...anyone willing to send me the song via aim or yousendit?

pretty please?

many thanks.


AIM: evolmuet
email: joryand@gmail.com
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[21 Oct 2006|07:39pm]


You Ain't It
Write Me Back Fucker

More Than A Feeling
Big Big Lights

What If I Was Right?
Off With Your Head
By The Time You're 25



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[14 Oct 2006|02:23pm]

can some one hook me up with an mp3 of "lions and tigers" it's from the japanese version of one beat. ysi? whaatever?

email: os654@bard.edu
aim: spacedog55

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maraca [17 Sep 2006|06:13pm]

does anyone have this song online that they would be super nice enough to send me? my aim name is dinosaurgermsxo. thank you!
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sleater-kinney at the starlight ballroom, 7/31/06 [28 Aug 2006|03:26pm]


A clip of Carrie's amazing guitar solo and the end of What's Mine Is Yours.

This is a little bit late, but I've been out of the country, and I don't think anyone's posted about this show yet.

pictures, the story, and more videosCollapse )

crossposted to sktothemax and my journal
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Lollapalooza [25 Aug 2006|11:17pm]

Some are bad and ugly, but they were the best I could do... Hope you enjoy.
in one more hour.Collapse )
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[22 Aug 2006|09:37am]

hey I'm just looking for some unreleased live stuff from s-k. I'm kind of a dork sleater fan and don't have any of the unreleased stuff. If any of you could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance.
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[18 Aug 2006|01:57pm]

Sleater Kinney at The Forecastle FestivalCollapse )
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i met carrie today! [17 Aug 2006|05:02pm]

i live in portland, or and was selling some books today at powell's on hawthorne. i saw a woman that looked a lot like carrie, but she was short and really tiny so i thought it wasn't her. i was looking at books near the registers when i heard her say to the cashier, "yeah, the show was great. a really good send-off." at that point i had to say something so i went up to her and introduced myself. i told her how much i loved their last show and what a huge fan i was. she smiled sweetly and said thanks. i wanted to talk to her longer but she looked like she was in a bit of a hurry. she paid for her things and said a polite goodbye to me and the cashier. she was very approachable and sweet. eep! now my crush on her is 348324 times bigger.
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[16 Aug 2006|10:31am]

some photos from the last showsCollapse )
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Carrie Brownstein Interviews Saddam Hussein [15 Aug 2006|10:24pm]

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[14 Aug 2006|02:50pm]

one day left!


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
yayCollapse )
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S-K in PDX, round 2 [13 Aug 2006|03:30am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

All in all, last night was a better show, if only for the crowd. S-K played songs I was hoping I'd get to hear one last time, like "All Hands On the Bad One" and "The End of You", but the crowd... I was groped (pretty sure it was on purpose), stepped on, pushed down, kicked, and I also smelled pot while trying to limp my way to the back of the ballroom. I spent half of the first set downstairs on a couch because my foot/ankle hurt so much. I saw quite a few other people leave too, unfortunately.

There were also lots of inebriated people dancing and making fools of themselves. One of the more unfortunate examples was a girl from California, here with her boyfriend, who was very obviously drunk and being an idiot on film when a camera guy tried to interview her. He interviewed us afterward, though, so that was good. Be on the lookout for a DVD!!!

S-K themselves were, as usual, utterly amazing. I'm still insanely glad I was at the show. The encores made *everything* worth it.

The set list, as I remember it:
The Fox
The End of You
Jumpers (this is when the crowd got super-rowdy)
One Beat
Step Aside
The Hot Rock
All Hands On the Bad One
Night Light
What's Mine Is Yours
Stay Where You Are
Modern Girl
Let's Call It Love
Words & Guitar

Encore 1:
Milkshake n' Honey (OMG!!!!!!)
You're No Rock n' Roll Fun
Not What You Want
Steep Air
God Is A Number (OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!)
Dig Me Out

Encore 2:
Good Things (dedicated to Lance)
Turn It On
One More Hour

What a perfect and sad song to play at the end of their last show. They left the stage with their arms around eachother and I think it finally hit me that this could be the end.

Oh, I almost forgot... EDDIE VEDDER played two songs before S-K took the stage. Janet sang along for the second one. He also said how he wished he'd been around to see the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix and the Sex Pistols but that he was thankful to have been around to see Sleater-Kinney. It was awesome. And he can play the ukelele!!!

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